About Our Firm 

For over a decade, Metcalfe Law has established itself as an independent firm dedicated to helping those in need. We have handled a large catalogue of high priority cases that have been tried in both U.K and European Courts, and more personal legal disputes, including many Pro-Bono assignments. 

We make sure to understand any of our clients issues regarding potential cases, and we can further inform you if your case is worth persisting after a free consultation on us. 

Everyone should be entitled to the justice they deserve, and we believe the law should provide that equal treatment. If you feel like you have been subject to such injustice but dont know how to proceed, then we can step in and help. Wether it be financial, physical, marital or any civil matter, we offer the service to potentially resolve said injustice. It's never a case of not knowing what to do; its just a case of contacting the right people to get the job done.


"In a civilised life, law floats in a sea of ethics" - Earl Warren